What is it?

Exclusive or exclusively expressing is also called full-time pumping and, in my opinion, is the next best way to feed your baby if, for whatever reason, he or she and your boobs just don’t or can’t get along and play nicely.

Before my daughter was born it hadn’t occurred to me that breastfeeding wouldn’t work out.  I was gutted when it proved impossible to get her to feed - I tried alongside pumping for more than three months but it simply wasn’t happening.  

Pumping became something I did, but I really believed I was the only person doing this, so scant was the information available to me.  I now know this isn’t the case and that many women across the world choose this method of feeding their baby, with or without supplementing with formula.  

I set up this website for several reasons: I don’t think any woman with a new baby should feel as I felt during those early months and I would like there to be some awareness of expressing as an option.  

If you have stumbled across this site, while seeking information, I truly hope it helps you in some way and would love to hear from you.  Please do comment, or ask a question.  I am not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, but if I can be helpful, it would make me very happy!