How to stop…?

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The time has come.  Babybum is one year old and, quite frankly, I’ve had enough.  I can’t quite believe that I’ve kept this up for a whole year but, I have and I still believe that, for me, it was the right thing to do.  My pumping schedule has been somewhat erratic of late.  I’ve been pumping three times a day and, seeing as I’ve had no pain, I’ve kind of let a time schedule go by the wayside.  Around the time of Babybum’s birthday, i kept forgetting to pump - yes, FORGETTING!  How?  I have no idea.  One morning I only remembered at 11 am when I was starting to get a little uncomfortable.  Yesterday, having forgotton my middle of the afternoon pump, I decided to let it go and see whether  a twice a day schedule would work.  By 9pm I was very uncomfortable with perturbing, mishapen lumps in my boobs - ouch.  I shan’t be doing that again… at least not for a while.

I’ve been reducing the time I pump for  and have been aiming to express no more than 190 mls in each session.  I’ve been doing that for a week now.  The first thing that happened was that my periods returned with a vengeance.  Oh joy.  However, I still seem to be producing the same amount of milk despite not emptying.  I suppose I shall just have to keep going for a while and hope that it will start to dwindle.

Now I’ve made the decision to stop, I just want it over and done with and pumping has started to irritate me and get me down again.  It’s cold now and it reminds me of how dire it was in those very early days to keep having to whip your clothes off and get hooked up when it was cold and dark and dank.  

Bring on the end.  Bring it on. Please.


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