Lactation Specialist’s Advice

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I did finally, after many phone calls and much hassling, managed to speak to a lactation consultant (of sorts).  I hassled my health visiting team into sorting it out for me and sure enough, after saying how I needed support, a lady from down the county got back to me.  She had never encountered anyone who’d continued to pump for so long and was either impressed or asking herself what kind of a nutter I was (perhaps both).  I told her that there were actually quite a few of us doing this and that the web was really our only source of information.  

Her advice was based on an understanding of the differences between pumping and breastfeeding which was a relief to me.  She recommended that I don’t drop a further pump (go down to 3 times a day) but instead, start reducing the time spent at the pump.  It all works on supply and demand so, less time spent pumping produces less milk and so the weaning process begins.  


After so much moaning about lack of support, I’m slightly ashamed to say that I haven’t taken her advice - I’m too scared to have my supply drop like that.  However, I did feel so much better, knowing that there was somebody out there who could sort of understand what I was doing and why I was doing it.  Initially, she did question my motives, almost as if I’d chosen to do this (er, no) and I didn’t hold back in my criticism of most of the hospital midwives in Treliske I encountered in those crucial early days.