Magic Baby Dust

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Magic Baby Dust - homeopathic teething remedy appears to be great.  No idea why but, after several miserable days of Babybum teething, our postman advised us to try it.  Little paper wraps of powdered chamomile extract that you just spoon feed to the baby.  Not sure why, but it seems to calm babies.  You can buy it for a couple of quid from any old pharmacy.

Hot Weather - Bad For Milk

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Grr.  I love the heat but it makes the milk goes sour so quickly.  I’m having to taste (yeuch - why is this so abhorrent to me?) each bottle just to check it’s not rancid and, when it is, boy does it make me gag!  It makes going out for the day somewhat tricky.  

Four Times A Day

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Yay!  I am now, and have been for the past three weeks, pumping just four times a day and the difference it has made to me is immense.  I seem to have so much more freedom and time now.  I express at 7am, around 1pm, around 6pm and again just before bed.  My supply has scarcely dropped which has made me think that dropping to three pumps is going to happen in the not too distant.  Babybum is nearly eight months now and is taking around the 500 to 600mls a day which means I’m freezing about 400mls a day.  We have milk coming out of our freezer’s ears - so much so that we have actually discussed buying a chest freezer!