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Exclusively Pumping Breast Milk - Stephanie Casemore

It’s great and I wish I’d found it earlier… thank you Stephanie!

My Faithful Pump

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In hospital, in the early days, I was given a hospital grade Ameda double pump to use.  The only decent midwife I encountered in there advised me to get the Ameda Lactaline Personal - a personal version of the one I had been using.  I have found this to be fine for me but, then again, I have nothing to compare it with.  

You can buy them from or from

I have encountered a few problems with this kit.  The horns have weakened and cracked, once after dropping on to a slate floor and once just through constant use, I assume.  Also, the little white valves have split on a few occasions - I just couldn’t work out why the suction was less strong and then found tiny hairline splits in these valves.  

I would suggest that anyone joining us full time pumpers buys two sets of horns, valves, bottles etc.  If something breaks, you won’t then be reduced to using a single pump and also, you can reduce the amount of sterilising you have to do - bonus!

Hands Free!

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So I’ve finally bought myself a hands free pumping bra.  It’s like a utilitarian piece of Ann Summers wear with holes in strategic places. Hideously unsexy and utterly ridiculous it may look, but it is such a bonus and I recommend that anyone pumping this frequently owns one as soon as possible.

Mine is an “Easy Expression” one and I bought it from